Tom Borello

I’m  Tom Borello and I can be your Photo Advisor!

Leslie H. - Travel Photographer

I’ve just completed 2 sessions from Tom Borello’s adult education courses and feel so much more confident in handling and operating my digital camera! I have found going from film to digital cameras very challenging and confusing, so many options and settings!!   He explained the settings and gave me a much clearer understanding of how it all works. Every student brought a different camera and he spent time with each and every student and their camera. He has an marvelous method of teaching, great tips, observations, and critiques. He is very, very experienced, and knowledgable on ALL things photography!! Great sessions, I benefited a lot. Thanks Tom! (photo credit: Leslie H.)

Write with Light

The root word for photography is Greek and means to write/create with light.

Exposure Control

Demystify Your Digital Camera

Flash Fill

A Fill in Flash Can Save Your Photo !

I can meet with you and give you instruction on how to take better pictures.

You can create our classroom agenda – a la carte – and we can spend time on exactly what you want to learn.


Choose Your Camera

I can really help you with camera selection!  I’ve owned Camera Stores and have made a commitment to follow the evolution of digital cameras!


Digital Versus Film

Why is this important? .. well a lot has changed since we switched to digital cameras and not all the changes are good!  You need to know what is different and how to utilize the new capabilities.


Portrait Photography

Shooting a portrait (photo of a person, plant or animal) is to pull them out of any environment and set them on a pedestal. I can show you options to capture special moments !


What Not To Buy !

There is almost no profit in the actual camera sale.  It’s the accessories where the money is made.  Some you need – Some you don’t!  I can save you money and make sure you get what you need!


Travel Photography

Learn how to create the best plan, be ready and execute those spectacular images.  It’s about timing, light, visualization and more!


Art through Photography

Allow me to help you discover your unique form of creative expression using the tools of photography.   Photography can do something no other art form can do; it can record the passage of time. Through photography we can capture the movement and energy of the world.

Let's Talk Photography!

What kind of pictures do you take? What kind of pictures do you WANT to take?
I can help you get where you want to be, whether you take pictures as a hobby or professionally!