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My name is Tom Borello and I’m a  Certified Photographic Consultant. I have over forty years of photo experience that all began when I took an elective photography class as a senior in high school. I was hooked. I still remember taking my first truly proper black and white shot in a beat cafe in Sausalito, California in 1967.

I was a wedding photographer, worked in a camera store, was a photo artist and later a camera shop owner.  I have been a photo lab operator, Certified Photo Hazardous materials specialist, a darkroom enthusiast, and I’m currently teaching photography!

I owned and operated The Film Company – a camera store in Mill Valley, California for twenty three years.  After that, I owned and operated PICS – a camera retail store in San Rafael – for five years. I received an Associate of Arts degree in photography from the College of Marin and continued studies in Art and the History of Art in Photography at Sonoma State. I spent time in the U.C. Berkeley Extension program studying Alternative Photography Techniques. I participated in the workshops at Ansel Adams’ Friends of Photography School and Organization during which time I was able to converse, exchange ideas, and have my work critiqued by masters of the photography art world, including Wynn Bullock, Paul Caponigro, Roger Minick, Joan Murray, and Linda Conner!

Through owning camera stores I’ve had the opportunity to introduce scores of people to photography for the first time and teach them how to be successful with their images. With my previous experience, I am uniquely positioned to help you transition into the world of digital camera photography. I am proud to be recognized by the Photo Trade Association as a Certified Photographic Consultant.

I promise to help you develop a better understanding of what camera gear is available today, help you make the most of your purchases, and get you on the road to mastering excellent photographic images.

Thanks! I look forward to meeting you!

Tom Borello

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