Mt. Tamalpais – Marin County, California

In 1974 through the Friends of Photography Workshop Series I met and spent time with Ansel Adams. On one occasion at his home just south of Carmel, with a small group of students, we gathered in the living room to hear him play the piano (a early dream of his was to be a concert player) and lecture on photography.
During a question and answer session I was able to ask two questions. I asked him “What was the greatest, most successful photograph he ever saw?” A poor question at best, I was in my early 20’s. Luckily his answer was wonderful and I have lived by his answer ever since including in all of my teachings.
His answer was, “It’s not about one photograph it’s about the approach, the process to the image.” He said, “First you see the image in your mind’s eye. Possibly before you even have your camera at hand. You see a vision you want to capture. I call that Visualization. Some call it Pre-visualization but all visualization is pre. Then with a knowledge of your camera and the principals of photography you set your camera for success. Finally, at the Decisive Moment that visualization occurs – you shoot. If you capture what you had visualized that is the ultimate process of photography!”
I believe this is one of the best paths to creating art with your camera. This is a way to set you apart. If you are interested in creating artful images – this is part of what I want to teach you!

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