I‘m so grateful to have been born and raised in Marin. As a child I played in the hills and on the banks of Corte Madera Creek in and around Greenbrae. As a boy scout I discovered Mount Tamalpais, known as ‘The Sleeping Lady’ from the local Miwok Indian legend. The county truly was my playground. I collected rocks and arrowheads, found a lot of cardboard siding and built a lot of forts. As a teenager I duck hunted in the marshes, and waterskied, sailed, and kayaked in the San Francisco bay. As an adult I mountain biked, ran, and hiked the local trails. Now as a senior I still walk the mountain trails every opportunity I get.

I became an  environmentalist, a member of the Marin Environmental Forum, and it’s no surprise with such vast expanses of open space that when I took up a 35mm camera in 1967 my main subjects became the Marin open space and our beautiful center piece – Mt. Tamalpais.

Mt. Tam is visible from almost all towns in Marin. When the light changes Mt. Tam gets a new look from each direction, time of day, and day of the year. On my personal photo project list is a year long, as close to daily as possible, shoot of the mountain.

Please enjoy my home mountain.

Picture 034 MtTamRed


Picture 035  Mt Tam pompus

Picture 036 Mt tam sunset

Picture 037  Mt Tam moon