With the intonation of Live View and Mirrorless cameras, the addition of an electronic viewfinder to camera design is a must. In the beginning, these viewfinders were not sharp and compared to the traditional viewfinder they looked like a bad TV screen. Not anymore! Camera designers have added millions of pixels and now they are wonderful. They are also more accurate in a compositional sense, show you when your color is off, and even in some cases show you what’s in focus and what isn’t, aka Depth of Field. (See my information on Live View, Depth of Field, and Mirrorless cameras)

What’s really hot is now is that you can have an electronic viewfinder in a small pocket or purse size camera. This way when you’re in the bright sun you can still see and judge your image unencumbered. I have pointed dozens of my students to these new cameras and they LOVE them!

The video capability of cameras is also very hot. The quality has surpassed both camcorders and smartphones. It’s so good, 4K in many cases, that much of what you see in action TV comes from cameras, not camcorders. I know many of you could care less about the video component but on occasion, I find it a wonderful addition to my still photos.

Dust-proof, waterproof, drop-proof and crush-proof cameras are here. I call them the ‘Indestructible Group,’ and every brand has one or more models. Check out the Fuji Fine Pix XP 90 and the Panasonic DMC -TS6R.

These inexpensive cameras make a great holiday gift and addition to just about everyone’s camera bag!

Waterproof Camera Shot

Waterproof Camera Shot