After spending hours reading reviews, searching for information on trends, and talking to me, my son Matt just purchased the new Sony Alpha A7R with a 28 to 70 mm zoom lens. This semi-pro camera is one of the newest mirrorless, MDSLR platform designs. It’s a ‘latest tech’ camera, from the Live View viewfinder, to the High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode. It has a full-sized sensor with lightning fast focus and a shutter that is close to silent. This is what’s called a viewfinder camera. A viewfinder camera is one where all menus, adjustments, exposure control, and depth of field can be seen instantly in the viewfinder. It’s truly state of the art!

What made me laugh is that Matt was playing with the camera’s ability to connect to his iPad and iPhone via wifi before he even took his first photo out in the field! In all fairness to Matt, he is not alone in the lure of playing with the fancy features as the first order of business. In the group classes I teach many students want to know about GPS and 3D before file size, aspect ratio, and white balance. We modern day humans are truly new technology animals.