Eye Popping Composition  !

A strong composition can go a long way in presenting your image and putting in the “Eye Popping Category”!

The camera viewfinder and or LCD screen is your canvas, use it entirely. So many image makers tend to center their image, say a bird in the middle. So excited are they to capture that bird that they loose all awareness of the canvas. The strongest photographs have something going on in 80-100% of the canvas.

Use of the entire canvas can create movement, balance, tension and most of all multiple levels of interest and enjoyment for the viewer. Lots of things going on!!

A general rule of good composition is to place interest on the THIRDS of the canvas. There is nothing wrong with having a subject if the dead center just don’t have that be the only area of the canvas you use.

I like to present depth in my photographs so I often have interest located close to me as wall as far away. Use your entire canvas.

Don’t forget to rotate you canvas vertical (portrait) when your subject presents a vertical shape and on course horizontal (landscape) when your subject/subjects form view.

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