Dear My Photo Advisor followers,

This is my 50th year as a professional photographer, a photo teacher, and a member of the photo community. Over the years I’ve worn many hats in photography. I’ve done weddings, animals, sports, portraits, and environmental photography. I’ve owned and operated camera stores and photo lab operations. I’ve been in the photochemical recycling industry and I’ve been a consumer imaging consultant.

The common thread has always been my passion for capturing light in images. Starting as a senior in high school, (this weekend is my 50th high school reunion) up to today I have the drive to make thought-provoking photo images.In High School it was all about seeing in black and white; a very expressionist view.

In high school I was all about seeing in black and white; a very expressionist view. Martha Orendorff was my teacher in those early days of my photo development. I made and have kept that “artist view” in me with her early help for 5 decades.

What has always given me the rush of excitement, the sense of capture, and a theme for my art statement, is the light. Images, where light takes center stage, where light is the subject, has always been my goal.

When I sat down to organize my 50 years of photos, prints, slides, and negatives, I have scanned these as “Light as a Subject” images. I’ve recently been working on a retrospective project for months. This project will untimely be displayed on the My Photo Advisor website when it is completed.

I have put together a sample gallery called “Light as a Subject” to give you a glimpse. I’m not sure when the project will be complete, but I ask that you send me an email via and let me know what you think of these images. Once the project is completed I’ll send out an announcement of its display and any other possible showings with your collected e-mail address.

Enjoy and thank you for your support,