I’d have to say my favorite subject to photograph is nature. I also have a passion for light as a subject, but we can talk more about that in the future, right now let’s talk about nature.

In the 70’s while attending an Ansel Adams workshop in Yosemite I had an experience that scared and threatened my main subject. One day accompanied with a workshop instructor we drove up to Glacier Point.  From that lofty height you get a breathtaking view of the Yosemite Valley a thousand feet below. I hopped the guard rail and made my way out to the edge of the cliff.

There I shot several wonderful black and whites, my heart pumping with adrenalin. When I turned to head back to safety, I found a pile of discarded, old school Polaroid  print pouches. These are toxic! I was shocked. Someone had gone out there just like me to get that beautiful, unobstructed view, and in an extremely ironic and detached manner left their toxic waste behind!

In my opinion it is our responsibility as photographers and artists to protect and nurture our subject. Whether our subject is a child, an animal, a historical site, or nature, we must take responsibility for our presents so they see no harm.

Attached is an article I wrote about some of the ways I do that. Please join me and leave your subject the same or better than when you arrived.

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