Most photographers and artists eventually find a theme, subject, or concept that excites them and becomes a thread that runs through their work. For me, it is ‘Light as a Subject.’ Of course, the root of the word photography comes from the Greek phrase ‘create/write/paint from light’.

Here are a few historical highlights:

  • 4th century B.C. Aristotle describes the pinhole camera
  • 965 – Alhazen Cairo conceptualized the camera obscura and the pinhole
  • 1193 – Albert Magnus discovers silver nitrate, the base of film
  • 1516 – George Fabricius discovers silver chloride, another key chemical
  • 1790 – Thomas Wedgewood gives us the beginning of chemical photography
  • Around 1839 – Nicephore Nipoce made the earliest surviving camera photo

So clearly my concept ‘Light as a Subject’ is not new, but it is mine and it has been a thread running through my images for the last 50 years.

If you follow my blog or have visited my website you have probably already read about Live View Photography. Using this concept and blending the small flash on my camera I am able to paint with light in an all new way!

I’ve attached some examples below…if you want more information, let me know. I do private lessons on any issue!