My life as a photographer started in 1967 as a senior in high school, so next year when I have my 50th high school reunion, I will also be celebrating fifty years in the photo world. My plan is to put together a retrospect photo show of my life’s passion.

If you’re lucky as an artist a theme will emerge in your work. A theme that acts as a path, a guide, or a direction for your creations. It defines your spirit, your vision, and your message.

For me that theme is light. Of course, photography is all about light.  It is our medium, our paint, or our clay. My retrospect will be images where the subject of the photos will not be the person or mountain or landscape, but the light that defines the image. LIGHT as the subject!

If all goes according to plan my retrospect will be on exhibit on this site next year. It may even be available in some form of gallery display. I have the vision, now I need to create the show.

Here is an image to demonstrate the concept:

Old boat at China Camp

Old boat at China Camp