With many of the current DSLR bodies (i.e. Nikon and Canon), you can use old, same brand, manual focus, fixed focal length lenses with wonderfully large, maximum aperture openings ( i.e. 50mm f 1.2). In addition to greater light gathering power these lenses have the feel and smoothness of all metal quality and durability. 

The look of the images taken with these older lenses is different from the digital straight light path lenses. Somewhat like the sound of vinyl records versus digital. I’m not saying they’re better, only different and worth digging out your old gear for. 

What’s really exciting is the use of old school lenses with mirrorless digital bodies like the Sony A7II. I bought my son a $25.00 adapter and now he can use my full collection of Olympus Zuiko lenses.  Besides the 50mm I already mentioned, I gave him my 28mm f2, 185mm f2.8, and 300mm f4. He prefers using these over his new Sony zoom lens.

Check out B & H to see which old lenses you might be able to use on your DSLR.