You can craft our time together so we spend time learning exactly what you need to know.
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I can really be of help here…having owned Camera Stores and having made a commitment to follow the evolution of digital cameras I am unquietly positioned to help you make a decision that will outfit you with just what you need, not less than you need nor more that you need…there are hundreds of models to sort through…let me guide and advise you…


In general our goal in shooting a portrait (photo of a person, plant or animal) is to pull them out of any environment and set them on a pedestal, so to speak, thus concentrating our view on them/it in such a way to explore their essence. Together we can explore methods for doing this and even combine our subject with an environment to shoot want is known as a “environmental portrait”…come explore with me…


Allow me to help you discover your unique form of creative expression using the tools of photography. Photography can do something no other art form can do; it can record the passage of time. Through photography we can capture the movement and energy of the world within the operation of the cameras shutter mechanism. We can see what the eye cannot see….I can show you how….


I am a third generation retailer. My Grandfather owned a tailor and cleaning shop my Father a butcher business and I two different camera stores.  My whole life has been spent in small brick and mortar businesses. Today is the time of the internet. There are good sites and sites that entangle you in frustration as the seek to part you from your money. I made a thing about finding and exposing those bad sites and I can help you avoid problems…lets buy a digital camera together…


What makes eye popping travel photos? Learn how to create the best plan, be ready and execute those spectacular images. It’s about timing, light, visualization, camera operation and shooting at the decisive moment. It’s about scale, movement and uniqueness! In a lecture given by Robert Holmes a National Graphic photographer he described an assignment to photograph the Pyramids. It was a late day sun setting, Pyramids all lined up but something was missing. At the edge of the viewfinder is spotted a man leading a camel. He had a visualization of that man in place, camel in tow with the Pyramids in the background.  He waited for the decisive moment and shot an eye popping photo…let me teach you more…


Why is this important? .. well a lot has changed since we switched to digital cameras and not all the changes are good!  You need to know what is different! How to spot the problem situations…  Recognize the loss of quality.  Learn which camera can help you best overcome the loss and to use quickly and effortlessly the camera’s tools to accomplish this!  I can teach you these things and more to make the best of digital!


First, should you upgrade?  If so .. with what?  We want the money you spend to improve the ability and quality accordingly.  For every dollar spent you want to get an improvement.  What is compatible with your existing gear? Who makes the best gear for the money?  Is it a gimmick or an advantage?  I was not only the owner of two camera stores but I was the buyer of our inventory.  That’s thirty years of seeking out the best quality in the marketplace.  Let me share my experience with you!


In any sale a good salesperson has the “add-ons”.  There is almost no profit in the actual camera sale.  It’s the accessories where the money is made.  Some you need, like a case.  Some you don’t, like a filter set.  For example:  batteries are not all created equal and you need to know the difference.    I can save you money and be sure you get what you need.  Learn what the big camera retailers do not want you to know!

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