Much of the shake up in the ‘print my own photo’ world has to do with the frustration most of us feel when we print out our photos at home or take them to someone else for printing and they just don’t come out looking  as good as they looked on the camera screen.

Epson has invented firmware called PictBridge, which has been licensed to most, if not all camera manufacturers and embedded within the camera’s process engines. PictBridge first debuted in Epson printers, but now has been licensed to many other printer manufacturers as well.

The long and short of how it works is this: with a PictBridge printer connected directly to a PictBridge camera, the way the image looks on your LCD screen is the way it comes out of the printer. No computer necessary, and more importantly no photo editing! This does mean however, that getting it right in your camera the first time around is crucial. This is where using Live View can really help you out.