Big Horn

Location: Alberta, Canada

Image Type: Film
Lighting Conditions: Sunny
Shutter Priority: f 8, 1/500
ISO: 200

Riding shotgun while traveling by car through the mountains of Alberta, Canada, I spied these big horn sheep on a hillside just off the road. I yelled to friend to stop driving and pull over. My visualization was to capture the two top sheep at the decisive moment when their heads butted together. In a furious rush I readied my camera and as their heads and horns met in that decisive moment, my shutter clicked. I was so excited that I got the shot and I was just shooting from the car window!

The remarkable thing was that as they collided their shoulders twisted to absorb the impact. The resulting image was timed right but their bodies were distorted. Luckily I keep shooting and on review choose this image to keep.

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October 10, 2014