Cactus Flower

Cactus Flower

Location: San Anselmo

Image Type: Digital
Lighting Conditions: Overcast
Aperture Priority: f 8, 1/60
Exposure Compensation:  -1/3
ISO: 200

Some photo opportunities are rare, and happen only annually, as is the case with my cactus flowers. Every year the light, surrounding vegetation, and colors vary, making each shot unique.

This year the light was overcast and without any shadows that could hide the details of my subject. This makes for some the best lighting for portraits, copy work, event photography, and in this case, a nature shot.

Some photographers dislike overcast light, claiming it doesn’t produce rich color. I say don’t include the overcast sky in your composition and just move in closer to your subject, filling your image canvas, and focusing in on its color. Not bad I’d say!

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October 10, 2014