Hippo Eye

Location: San Francisco

Image Type: Film
Lighting Conditions: Sunny
Shutter Priority: f 5.6, 1/250
ISO: 64

At one time in my photography career, I fancied myself a zoo photographer and worked my way into a good number of zoos. At that time, zoos were interested in giving you an inside look into their facilities in exchange for photos they could use in their publications, ads, and posters.

This hippo was photographed at the San Francisco.  I carefully followed this animal with my camera as it wandered around it’s swimming hole. I was about 10 yards away with a 300mm lens when I took this shot.

You might ask why I didn’t capture the entire animal? We can look to Edward Degas, the famous painter, sculptor, and photographer who also didn’t capture his entire subject and see that the mind automatically fills in the missing blanks.

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October 10, 2014