Rock in Balance

Location: Lake Lagunitas, Fairfax, California

Image Type: Digital
Lighting Conditions: Shady
Program Mode: f 5.6, 1/125
Exposure Compensation: -1/3
ISO: 200

Generally I don’t setup the subjects I photograph, but instead prefer to shoot my subjects as they naturally appear when I stumble upon them. For example, I didn’t arrange these rocks, but just came across them while hiking around the lake.

When I take a picture I tend to use ‘The Rule of Thirds’ and place the main elements of interest in my composition at the thirds of my image canvas. On rare occasions I do place subjects dead center, but only when that element covers most, if not all of the canvas.

Picture 047 rule of thirds rock in balance

In this image I used the entire canvas area. I have elements both near and far giving depth to the image. The stream running through the image from upper left to lower right further enhances the depth perception.

Anytime you can create a tension (rock in balance) it’s a win-win. My thanks to who ever created my subject!

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October 13, 2014