Underwater Pool Shot

Underwater Pool Shot

Location: San Rafael

Image Type: Film (waterproof disposable camera)
Lighting Conditions: Wet
ISO: 400

This is a picture of my son Matt, who is now in his thirties. For this shot I used a waterproof, disposable camera. In my composition I wanted to use the side of the pool to frame Matt and capture him pushing off from the wall, taking the shot at the decisive moment. What’s fun is that some thirty years later I captured a similar image of Matt’s son Vincent (age 4), using a digital camera:

Picture 086 Vince pool shot

At the time of this first shot I still owned my photo lab, we didn’t throw out ‘disposable’ cameras, we recycled them. Disposable cameras are still made today, and billions have been recycled. These days digital cameras are available for purchase that are small, simple to use, reasonably priced, and can go a deep as thirty feet under water. If you’re interested in a waterproof digital camera – give me a call and we can talk about which camera is right for you!

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October 10, 2014