I enjoy joining in on photo discussion boards or group blogs. Usually there is a well defined subject and guidelines set so you’ll stick to the subject.

Recently, I’ve been taking part in an international Olympus camera and lens forum. I was the Olympus camera dealer for Marin for many years, and I still feel Olympus makes state of the art equipment and is very much a leader in innovation and design.

What I find interesting and somewhat frustrating are the ‘gear-heads’. All they want to talk about is new models, features, numbers and what they own. Then they fight over the details, debating and correcting little facts and figures, philosophizing on the designer’s intent, and quoting what other forums are saying.

What I enjoy is looking at the way photo equipment is changing, how it gives us more tools to capture the images we imagine so that we can expand our vision. I couldn’t care less if the ISO is really 100 or 200, if it was intended, or other types of details.

Instead, let’s talk about seeing an image in our mind, about using our camera’s features (Live View, exposure compensation, fill in flash, f-stop, shutter speed, or movie mode), to shoot at the decisive moment that our vision occurs, and how we feel when we get that perfect image!

Whether we have a $50 camera or $25,000 camera it’s about getting the image you want, and understanding the tools available to you, not about the camera.