One of the things I’m uniquely qualified to help you with is picking out and purchasing the right camera. I’m a brand bias-free source where you won’t end up with more or less than you need. To me, it’s all about listening to the needs of the individual and finding the right camera and gear to match that. I currently teach a two hour class on exactly this challenge at Marin Learn.

I often get clients who are looking to purchase a new camera. The first thing I generally do is give a brief history of digital cameras. Then I ask some qualifying questions and get to know the needs and photo ambitions. There are a lot of times when a client is neither a ‘point and shoot’ customer (less than they need), nor a ‘DSLR’ photographer (big, heavy, more expensive, and more than is needed).

When I get to the point where I recommend a camera I think would be the right fit, I often hear, “I’ve done a lot of research and liked the ‘X brand big-fancy-expensive-dslr’. I also hear a lot of: “Well my friend/neighbor/relative just bought the ‘X’ camera and the photos were wonderful.” I generally, explain why that camera wouldn’t be my recommendation for them and then offer to provide a lesson on the new camera when they purchase it.

True story here, I swear! Shortly after one of these types of consultations, I took an evening walk around the bird gathering ponds off Lucas Valley Road where I met a woman walking her dog. She was carrying a DSLR with a huge lens, (you need a long, 10”-14″ lens for your DSLR to photograph birds). I asked her (I do this a lot!), how she liked her camera. She said she wasn’t that happy with her choice. She said it was bigger and heavier than she wanted, and she felt encumbered with it hanging on her shoulder. I asked her which brand and model she had and she replied, you guessed it, a X brand big-fancy-expensive-dslr.

When it comes to choosing the right camera there is no one size fits all solution, but believe me, there is a camera for everyone, tailored for your individual needs.Trust me, you will be much happier and a better photographer if you have the right camera. You the user is what’s most important to me, I’m here to help and do all the research for you!