I have previous talked about the ground breaking Panasonic DMC FZ1 bridge camera. This was the first rocket shot into the old establishment of the camera industry. It was 2002 at PMA in Las Vegas. I was there for the annual Photo Marketing Association Camera Convention. I was making the rounds of the industry leaders like Nikon, Canon, Olympus, and Fuji, when I came upon a very small booth with a Panasonic banner. Wait, who? Panasonic doesn’t make cameras, I told myself. I had been selling cameras since 1970. A Panasonic camera, no way!

On the counter was this small, stubby, 2 MP super zoom camera called the Lumix DMCFZ1. I pointed the lens at myself and it read Leica! Wowza! $$$ signs flashed in my head! It had an amazing zoom, which was the first of the Super Zooms, it had OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer), it had Leica designed optics, and it had an Electronic View Finder (EVF).This first EFV camera with Live View was very poor quality. After all, we were used to looking through the perfectly sharp glass penta-prism of an SLR. In comparison this EFV was like looking at a bad TV picture, but even then I knew the world of camera design and camera sales were reborn.Now some of the finest, most advanced cameras in the world have EVFs using Live View with millions of pixels in them making them 100% accurate for composition, exposure, depth of field, and white balance.

So why don’t all cameras have EVF? They probably will… stay tuned!