There are many types and categories of cameras: point and shoot, compact, compact with super-zoom, mirrorless bridge, mini-MDSL, mini-DSLR, and DSLR, just to name a few. There are also waterproof, indestructible, and panorama cameras. Lets look at the first three today.

Point and shoot cameras are named that way to make you think you can just simply point and shoot, and capture the perfect shot. While this might be true, that a fair percentage of your shots will be good, this is definitely a ‘shoot more shots, and then delete like crazy’ approach. It’s a marketing thing. These are the really small cameras that easily fit in your shirt pocket, pants pocket, or purse. Their small size is perfect to take to a party, the opera, or spy mission, and you can generally take great photos by just using the auto mode. There have also been some new features recently added to this group that can make them a really good choice for some users.

Compact cameras are a little bigger and thicker, and are currently an interesting group because there are some really retro, yet state of the art options out there. Some of these cameras are expensive, and for a good reason, and lot of pros will purchase a second camera for themselves from this group.

Compact cameras with super zoom is our third group to look at today. This group is more technically advanced and can come with some hot features. I tend to like these cameras for clients who want to photograph their kids playing sports, pets in action captured from a distance, and travel photographs, but who still want a very small size and a price that’s around $200 – $500. Many of these cameras also have German lenses, long believed to be some of the best on the market.

What I’ve done is research, handle, and shoot with many cameras from these three groups. I’ve used many different brands, over many, many years and I’ve narrowed it down to the best of the best. I also constantly update my selections when new technologies and features come out.

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