I feel so lucky to live in Marin. I love the early morning and late afternoon light, rich with warm hues and long with shadows. Just yesterday I took a late evening walk around the Lucas Valley road sewer treatment plant sediment ponds. It might not sound like a pretty place to be, but there were hundreds and hundreds of birds there including: ducks, pelicans, geese, shorebirds, black birds, raptors, sea birds, ergots, and even swans, all of whom use the ponds to rest and relax on their daily and seasonal routes.

Often on my walks I stop to talk to other photographers who have the same goal as I do… to capture that eye popping bird in flight shot. Based on that, we usually get on the subject of camera equipment and functionality. Most use digital camera of course, and most have very expensive DSLRs with huge, long lenses and massive tripods. I always love to ask, “How do you like your live view function?” The sound of the birds is usually all I hear in response…


Picture Blog 084 sunset ducks

Picture Blog 081 black birds flight 2

Picture Blog 082 goose flight 1