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  • Accessories You’ll Need
  • Weather / Environmental Options
  • Where to Buy Your Camera
  • What NOT to Buy
  • Breaking Brand Traditions
  • Upgrading Gear


  • What is Intelligent Automatic
  • How to Focus Faster
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  • Live View
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  • Shooting Inside and Out
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  • Creating with Light
  • The ANSEL ADAMS Visualization
  • Multi Levels of Thinking
  • Decisive Moment
  • Controlling the Finished Image
  • The World of Motion and Macro

Learn to Understand your Photos.


  • What Happened?
  • Could This Photo Have Been Better?
  • How to Engage your Viewer
  • Learn to Improve Your Shot

Photography is Changing!


  • What’s New?
  • What’s the Best?
  • What’s Available in a Few Months?
  • Where Are We Going?
I’m uniquely qualified to help you pick the correct camera and then to teach you how to be successful using it. Success of your camera and your photography is what I do!
When I started behind the camera shop counter in 1970 as a camera sales person I was trained by men and women who had been photographers for decades.  I was sent off to the Eastman Kodak Consumer Imaging School. There I was trained in  is called the Five Steps to the Sale Technique.  The core of that process is to ask a series of qualifying questions to determine the client’s needs and wants.  Once you understand their needs you select a product that exactly fills the wants. This is demonstrated to the customer by matching a feature of the product to the benefit for the user. I have been finding just what my client needs , not less, not more for over forty years. We gave unbridled service.  It’s what I do!
When I helped open my first camera shop, The Film Company in 1974 I brought that commitment to service and instruction with me.  I developed the Film Co.Three Hour Photo Course.  I personally taught that course monthly for decades. Empowering my clients to be confident and in control of their camera is what I do!
I will teach you what you need to know! I will show you how to use the camera in “Auto” but I will give you complete control WHEN you need it.  Yes a Pont and Shoot camera with control!
This site is my swan song, my retrospect and my best effort to give back for over thirty of success with my camera and lab operations. This site and blog will be lecture, stories of my times with some of the greatest American photographers, critiques, shows and lots and lots of information to help with the success of your photography. It’s my life, it’s what I do!
Here is a question for any person who says they know just what camera you should purchase to prove my point; ask ” What is Live View and how does it affect me and what I want to do with my photography?’ If they say, “Oh it’s a gimmick” or “It’s dumping down photography!” or “Ignore that you don’t need it!”; Ask me it’s what I do!
You can do all the research you want but you, the current camera store associate, your neighbor who is a professional photographer or tech savvy nephew can not put that research together with your needs. You guessed it, It’s what I do!
Call or e-mail me and we’ll get started….
Thanks, Tom Borello

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