How Much Does it Cost ?

Good Question !

I offer a FREE 15 minute session – in person or on the phone – where we can explore where you are in your photography and where you want to go.

This way we can determine exactly how I can best help you learn the photography skills you are striving for.


After the 15 minute consultation period we can schedule a time to meet and cover the material you have selected.

My time is billed in 30 minute blocks at $25.00 per block.  Most people like to work for at least one hour – but your situation will be crafted specifically for you.

If you know others that want to cover the same material at the same time we can create a group.  Each additional student in the group will be charged 1/2 price allowing you to average your costs.
We can meet at  my location in San Rafael, California – or I can arrange to meet you at a location you request.

I charge 1/2 rate for travel time within a 20 mile radius. Beyond 20 miles or in some difficult driving cases (i.e. Stinson Beach) additional charges may apply. I can teach up to three at my residence in San Rafael (making a group). I also do field trips and the same charges apply. I do require my students do the driving if we have a group.

If you have special circumstances – please contact me and I’m sure I can make accommodations to best meet your needs.


Cancellations without a 24 hour notice would result in a ” short cancel” fee of=$25.00.

I accept Cash ,  Credit Cards  and  local Checks.

Let's Talk Photography!

What kind of pictures do you take? What kind of pictures do you WANT to take?
I can help you get where you want to be, whether you take pictures as a hobby or professionally!

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