This year will be my 50th as a photographer. As a professional, I’ve done just about every type of photography including wedding, portrait, sports, nature, and even for a period of time, a zoo photographer. Now at the ripe old age of 68, I’m now a photography teacher for the Tamalpais Union Highschool District Community Education Program.

I still continue to capture photos weekly, and all of my them are based on capturing light. Not just as a source media, but as the subject of my work. Working with light propels me in new creative directions. Lately, I have been working with the built-in flash on my camera. Blending ambient light with flash-fill. What makes my approach different is I do this in nature.

With modern Live View-based cameras the process is very easy and you don’t need special knowledge about operating flash or mixing the two types of light. You just use your exposure compensation control to adjust the existing light until it’s correct. Don’t forget what you see is what you get. Then just pop up your built-in flash and the two types of light will mix. A lot of cameras have a control to increase and decrease flash light output so you can fine tune the shots with a few tries. If you don’t have an adjustable flash, there are old school methods like using tissue paper or toilet tissue to make a diffuser over the flash.

As always I’m available for private lessons on this and all kinds of photography subjects. Take a look at the images I’ve attached and watch for more of this new direction in the near future.

Have fun, Tom